R12 Games is born with the idea to create, develop and publish games we could spend hours and hours playing… like we currently do!

Buster Lehn and Fran Ruiz are two huge gamers, who love all sorts of game, board games and video games alike. After many years spent just playing, we decided to go one step further and start creating and developing games, which we have been doing for almost ten years now. 

Amongst others, we have created games like Justice League: Dawn of Heroes & Portal of Morth, as well as developing many others, such as Adventure Times: Adventures in the Land of Ooo and many others. 




At the time being, we are working in two new projects: Nottingham 2084 & Proud Mary, two very different games that come to show all those years of experience in the game creation business. 

  • Nottingham 2084: Is an asymetrical game fro 2-4 players who will face each other to gather resources in a dystopian future. 
  • Proud Mary: Is a racing and resource management game for 2-4 players competing to earn more money than their rivals while sailing down the Mississippi river.

But this is just the beginning, we have many more awesome games in the making…  may the fun be with you!